SMS Gateway

White Smoke SMS Gateway (WSSG) provides advanced application and service provider management capabilities with which to manage a messaging business and rapidly scale high-value applications.

With its flexible business logic, WSSG can be easily integrated with operator capabilities, exposing those capabilities to third parties and allowing operators to differentiate with innovative new services and business models. At the same time, as a single point of management for application-oriented traffic, WSSG allows you to make more efficient use of your messaging infrastructure, and implement a next-generation distributed network architecture.

Supplementing existing SMS infrastructure, or as a component of White Smoke architecture, WSSG helps you to monetize the growth in SMS applications, improve user experience, and reduce the cost of application-oriented traffic.

Benefits of SMS Gateway:

  • Easy to new service integration & Keyword Creation
  • SMS Scheduling for Multiple service
  • Automatically Clearing of SMS Queue
  • Connection to Multiple Operator's SMSC
  • Automatically Re-Connect with Operator's SMSC
  • Data Warehouse and backup system
  • Disaster recovery System