Accounting System

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Account management software that facilitates ease in revenue calculation by keeping a tab on all the accountancy matters of business. A graphical and tabular representation of various elements will help you make informed decisions for your firm.


Get an overview of total customers, vendors, invoices, and bills along with numeric charts for Income vs. expenses, Latest Income, and Expenses. Individual Graph representation of Cash Flow, Income categories, Expense categories, and Income – Expense Chart will give a visual status of various accounting details of the business.

Role Management
Allows to assign roles to each of the staff. By managing their permissions gain control over their access to certain parameters.

Products and Services Management
Manage your product and services list by assigning SKU, tax, units, categories, sales price, purchase price, and descriptions. You can also edit this list according to changing times. With this, you would have a complete tab on your account matters, and you won’t have to go places to find product details.

Customers and Vendors Management
Customers and Vendors can log in and view the status of their invoices/bills and transaction details as and when required. Records for their shipping and billing address is managed for future.

Proposal Management
Easy system for creating and sending proposals. Create new proposals by selecting customers and adding products/ services to that list. You can edit existing proposals by adding or removing products. You can send these proposals and also check the status of these proposals. Create duplicates and convert these proposals to invoicing through a simple click.

SMS Integration for receiving the text messages of the jobs performed. Get an instant text message of the activities on the registered mobile number.

Create Banking Account
Create new accounts with ease and flexibility by updating information like Account holder name, Bank name, Account number, opening balance, and contact number. Edit the essential information as and when required.

Transfer Money
Maintain the records and transfer at ease an amount from one bank account to another through various modes. You could search for particular transfers through easy filtering.

Manage Transactions
Easy management of transactions through a detailed list of transaction charts. Search and filter out the transactions by selecting individual accounts.

Manage Invoices
Edit the existing invoices by adding new items/products. Download, print, or Resend the invoice with a simple click. Send payment reminders and add payments with ease. Customers can pay the invoice via Stripe and Paypal as well as with a QR Scan.

Revenue Management
Record the newly generated revenue by creating new revenue. Change the source of revenue and add references. Also, you could filter the revenue based on account, customer, category, and payment methods.

Manage Bills
Edit the existing bills by adding payments. Download, print, or Resend the Bill with a simple click. Check the status of payments and edit your payment summary.

Payment Management
Record the newly generated expense by creating new payments. Change the categories and add references. Also, you could filter the revenue based on account, customer, category, and payment methods.

Display of Amount in Bill/ Invoice PDF
The user can update the vendors’ bills/ customers’ invoices with the appropriate display of Paid, Due, and Debit/ Credit Note Amount while generating the PDF.

Budget Planner
A budget is a financial plan for a specified period to keep in check with the working capital. This feature here helps to maintain the capital flow. You can set monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly budgets according to your business plans and needs. The main categories are “Income” and “Expense” where one can edit /update /delete the sub-categories as well.

Inventory Management in Invoice and Bill
Easy to check the inventory status of each of the items you are using for your business activities.

Customer/ Vendor Statement Report
With the help of this “Customer/ Vendor Statement Report” Module, you can review the filtered particulars of that customer/ vendor for a certain period. This statement report includes the start and end dates, order details, and payment details along with the transaction history with the customer/ vendor.

Get a report on transactions with an easy filtering option. Download the required account statements in either PDF, CSV, or Excel format. You get duly prepared reports on individual Income, Expenses, Tax, Invoice, and bill summary. Filter them based on Account, category, and customers. Also, a graphical display of the Income VS Expense chart along with a detailed calculation of Profit and Loss will help you make informed decisions. Filter the tax summary and Income VS Expense chart based on financial years.

Export report data
Various report data like transactions, summaries, and statements can be exported as Excel, PDF, and CSV files.

Email Templates
The email templates feature enables the user to choose from pre-defined and individualized email layouts rather than creating an entirely new email each time. Additionally, this provides readiness, uniformity of drafts, accessibility, and reduced effort required to draft the same email repeatedly. These templates can be created according to various needs.

Create goals for particular activities and assign a time frame and amount to them. Its graphical presentation on the dashboard would help in the easy achievement of these tasks.

Manage your asset list by editing and deleting assets from the list. You can create new assets by assigning duration, descriptions, and amounts to them.

Create the tab for constant by adding and creating tax rates, categories, Units, and Payment methods. This would facilitate ease in generating invoices and bills.

Company Settings
Customize your site setting by adding the files of the logo and creating the text for the title. Create the custom settings for the company and Email address. With system settings, you could add currencies and determine their location.

Call for Demo:
+88 01913390330,
+88 01953561249